There's this guy that I like, he's into me as well, but I kinda messed it up?

He's into me. I can tell.
There was too many times when he tried to come and talk to me but I was too blind to even notice it and give him a smile so that he'd muster up the courage. I didn't.
So yeah, and I'm crushing on him too. But the thing is, he's handsome, great, hot , so he's been attracting a lot of girls and I'm kinda not that into competing right now. So nothing came out from me. I haven't made a move yet.
so I went to his ask profile and well you guessed it, asked him a qst, he repiled with ''i do'', my qst was ''do u have a crush?", so that answer made me realize that it's time I step in the game and make my move.
But then, I asked another sqt, like 5 days later, and said " well I haven't seen you talking to any cute girl, r u sure u have a crush?'' and it was my way to make him talk to me or even consider tht he shouldn't quit (on me) yet.
But then when I gave it a thought, I think he might know that it was me who said that, even though , to him, i still don't know anything about him including his name.

I'm worried that he might realize that the one who asked that is actually a girl who has a crush on him. So what should I do now? Should i still make my move or wait until he comes to me? It's really confusing to me right now, i regret the last question so bad!
Your answers would be really helpful! thanks :)

  • go talk to him, act like nothing happened ( act like u know nothing about that ask profile of his)
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  • wait for him
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  • don't wait, at least smile to him, those girls are gonna eat him!
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  • The way is that men compete for women, not the other way around. So, simply talk to him.

    • and then back off, and he should be doing the "competing" thing?

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    • thanks :D

Most Helpful Girl

  • You are super pretty. You need to talk to him but what do you mean you don't even know is name? Is this real life? School?

    • he thinks I don't know his name, so maybe he wouldn't reallt think that I'm the one who said that on ask! i wish i didn't

    • No regrets. He'd be lucky to have you be his girl.

    • thank you! appreciate it :D

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  • What was his answer at the last question? Well if you like him, then go for it. He already made the first move way back when you weren’t noticing him, so it’s your turn now. Show him you are interested.

    • he didn't answer it, actually i didn't wait for him to respond on it as mush as to get ''the message'' and maybe talk to me, I don't know i think i should talk to him as it's my turn to fix it

    • Talk with him. Be casual about it, friendly. See if he is still interested.