Should I not pursue this? I REALLY DON'T KNOW!!!!

So I have been introduced to this guy who is my friends best friend. he is getting outta a marriage, around 10 years older than me, has two kids (I know this all sounds like a no-no) but he seems interested in me, although there are girls out there who would do anything to get him (he's very popular at the moment! weird). so anyway, I've been interested in him too, kinda. but do you think I should not get into anything? I mean I keep thinking he just wants a fling to boost his ego up, but then again he has all those girls around him and he's shooting for me! plus my friend and her boyfriend tell me he'd be a good boyfriend or something, but I really don't know if it's wrong or right. what do I do?


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  • Don't pursue it.


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