Arranging dates but keep going a few days with no contact should I be worried?

So there's this guy I've been casually dating I already knew him a little bit but we hooked up one night and have been on a few dates since. It's still early on in whatever this situation is but should I worried if we go a couple of days without any texting/contact? Am I just being paranoid? :s For a while we spoke all day every day but recently there's been a few days of not hearing anything until the day before the date. When this happens should I text him or just leave him to text me?


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  • Personally.. i don't like dating + too much texting. I don't mind the little bits of "get to you know you text" but once we've established a "date," the next text i'll send will be "hey, ready for our date?"

    So if he's set a date, great! Look forward to it. chillax.


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  • If you want, text him, of course. But, it's pretty normal. You don't have to be constantly in touch, you're just dating.


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