Is this a bit of a weird 'date' should I be concerned?

I already knew him a bit before we've started dating we've had a few meetings and dates and we've arranged to make tea at mine (a roast dinner) and he keeps saying it's fine if you housemates want in too? (Assuming to eat it too because they'll be a lot of it). I just find this a bit weird or is he just trying to be nice including my friends/to get in their good books?


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  • I think it's just being nice. Sure it is possible that he may be a jerk of a guy, so would have an ulterior motive. However, most guys in the world know that to be nice to someone your interested in, includes being nice to the friends, family and even housemates of that person. Otherwise you are a jerk who is trying to harm the already established relationships that the one you are interested in has.

    After all, isn't the worst kind of bad guy the one who cuts you off from your friends and family?


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