What makes my girlfriend want to stay with me when some people told me she would leave me? Girls would you break up with me or stay?

The past year i have been really depressed and not really been telling my girlfriend and hiding it. The past she seen me very sad and asked me what was wrong. I have gained weight and become overweight and forusre i though it was over, but she stayed with me still. When i told her the truth about how i'm depressed and things in my life are not going good she suprisilngy began to cry and didn't know why. She said that she always wanted to be there for me and sad how i didn't tell her from the start and feels bad for what i'am going through.

From the start she was out of my league and i'm lucky to have her. She is never sad and always has positive engery. Some people said she would break up with me but she hasn't. After all i said would you break up with me if i was like this? Be honest.

Anyone else?


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  • She loves you cares forma you.

    And no, I wouldn't stay with someone like that if we are not serious.
    If I am emotionally connected with him. Then I might stay.

    • Ok thanks for being honest. We've been together for about 3 years now but because of this i was almost sure she would break up with me but she is right by my side

    • You're welcomeğŸ˜Ž

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