Am I not good enough to be with my best friend?

I'm so confused. I have a best guy friend who I have such strong feelings for. We see each other every weekend, but sometimes we'll text for a week straight and sometimes he'll stop texting me after a few hours or until I text again. Tbh, I miss him when I'm not talking to him. I think about him all the time, and it usually ends up in me having a mini breakdown thinking about everything I said/did wrong when I was with him, or even worse that I'm not good or pretty enough for him. What should I do?


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  • Sounds like everything I do. Even with just friends. I completely understand what you are going through.

    As tough as this is just remember silence during texting isn't always a bad thing. It could just be that he is busy or with other company.

    You need to find a way to find out if he likes you. Suggest a hang out with just the two of you and if he says yes then you can find out while hanging out if he likes you.

    • Thank you for MHO.

      I am here to help you out more with anything you want if you need it.

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  • No, you're not good enough for him..


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  • Well the question is are you willing to take that next step and ruin your friendship with him? or will you take that risk and ask him how he feels about you? do you know if he feels the same about you?

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