Has she suddenly lost interest or is she playing hard to get?

So this girl I like (I think she likes too or she used to) and I go to the same college and we only hung out once at her place. so long story short, i had to transfer universities, and i haven't seen her since then. i texted her 5 days ago , too see if she wanted to go out for dinner and she seemed really excited about it but she made plans already with friends that night. she postponed the date to two days later, and when that day came, I texted her and asked if she wanted to hangout, but no reply. i waited one more day and texted her to say hi. and she said hi back with a smiley face but i didn't get back to her text till late because i was out with friends. when i did text her late at night and asked if she was up, she didn't reply. so now its been 4 days since we last talked. should i ask text her and see if she wants to hangout again? or wait till she texts me first? Thanks !


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  • Well, when a girl stops texting it usually means she has lost interest. I mean it would have been ok if she would have responded later or the next day, but since she didn’t answer after such a long period of time, then I’m thinking she isn’t interested anymore ( because let’s be honest, the possibility of her not reading your text isn’t very high). I think you should move on.


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  • Sounds like she's losing interest. Try texting her this: "Hey, it's been a while since we last talked. I figured you've been busy teaching penguins to hula hoop. Well, text me back when you have some free time from those adorable penguins." Then, continue with the penguin story and lead it up to a date.

    • She already ignored two of my texts, usually if a girl ignores 2 of my texts, I stop talking to them and cut them off. . So you think I should text her? Alright if she doesn't reply or makes some excuse, I'll just cut her off.

    • Sorry, I've been busy lately. How did it go? When it comes to the texting game, women don't like bland conversation like: "what are you doing?" and "how's it going?". Always keep it fun and interesting. But let it lead up to a meet up somewhere. Don't go into rapport over text, it's non-personal and lazy.

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  • Talk to her

    • If she's playing games or not interested , I dont want to waste my time chasing girls who play games. I stopped that in HS.

    • Then, move on.

    • I am.. I texted her earlier today and didn't reply so she is not interested. I'm done with her. thanks for ur help anyways

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