What does he means?

okay i have travelled about of my country , so there i was walking in the street and some guys who are selling tickets for a concert where standing there , then suddenly one of them talked to me and asked me where am from? and what language i speak? and if iam staying here or not? and asked if i have a boyfriend or not and he didn't even mention anything about the tickets ! and asked me to come in the same place again where he will be waiting? okay i don't understand that why he was insisting to know me?


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  • This sounds quite suspicions. Were these guys officially and legally selling tickets or were they just some random guys that got their hands on some concert tickets and wanted to make a buck or two. Because if they are part of the second category, I advise you to stay away from that guy and not meet up with him again.

    • No they are selling it because everytime i walk there , i saw them selling it and they are also wearing unifrom

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    • thank you so much for your help

    • No problem :D

  • He finds you attractive.

    • if you were in the same situation , you will go back to the same place to see him ?

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    • thank you thank you i think i will do that :)

    • You're welcome! Have fun :)