Why are there so many question on GAG asking whether white guys are attracted to black girls?

There seems to be a new question almost every day posted by a black girl asking if white guys are attracted to them, and I'm not sure what's behind it. Traditionally, black girls have only wanted to date black guys. This was true for a lot of reasons, but white guys were the very last group to which black girls were attracted. So now black girls want to date white guys? What led to this change?


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  • ... maybe black guys are not working out for some black girls. we are attracted to who we are attracted to... In my case, I like guys who are delicious to look at.

    • But if black girls weren't attracted to us before, why now? It seems contrived to me.

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    • I guess so, it's just a new thing for me. I do think what you originally said is probably the truth of the matter, that black girls are turning to white guys because they're not able to find black guys to settle down with.

    • Lol take it like a grain of salt, some cases its not so simple.

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