How do I win him over?

Met this guy at a party being someone's wing woman. At first i didn't like him but now the more i hang out with him the more im starting to like him. He would ask to hang all the time and now feel like I've started to do chasing but he's not reciprocating

i haven't really heard from him and i don't want to be too pushy or annoying.

How do i win him over?


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  • Ask him out? I mean... why play these games? Just be honest.

    • i did.. but he didn't respond.. he watched the playoff met game instead with friends

    • Then I'd suggest you move on.

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  • slut it up.

  • You mind describing how he's not reciprocating after you've been chasing him?

    • i asked him to hang out or to see if he's around.. he keeps blowing me off...:( but than my birthday came and he told me nicest things and than just stopped again.

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