Do guys ever change their minds about girls being girlfriend material?

I developed feelings for a close friend after falling into a habit of seeing and texting him way too often on the rebound of a long relationship. I really didn't give him much space and would ask to see him every weekend which he would agree to perhaps half heartedly. I have since changed my ways and recovered from my needy phase.

Will he ever see me as girlfriend material if he doesn't now, or is a mans decision that a girl isn't relationship material unchangeable once he's made it?

I know he finds me attractive and was undecided for quite some time before a mutual friend told me how he really feels about me as being not relationship material.

Is there any way to win him back or change his mind?

Thanks :)


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  • It depends. There are some red flags that if a guy sees in a girl then he'll never see her as girlfriend material. Then there's the case where they have been friends for so long that he sees her platonically (think childhood friends or girls who are part of majority guy group).


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  • Sometime it is much better to have an opposite sex friend to talk relationship stuff, I recommend it to everyone!

    He may not want to be your boyfriend, but don't let the idea of him being just a friend deter you from hanging with him.

    Who knows, he may change his mind!

  • In my experience, almost all girls are girlfriend material until they give a reason to watch out.


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