Just wondering how many people are gay?

Girls are you lesbian?
boys are you a homosexual?
or are you straight like me?

I forgot or are you bisexual?
If none of the above is your sexuality then list in your opinion!


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  • I'm straight like you.


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  • In the interest of transparency, I am not LGBT, I am straight.

    The American public seem to overestimates the percentage of LGBT people in the U. S. In a "Gallup Daily tracking poll" for the first four months of 2015 (up to April 2015), 3.8% of the adult population identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. However, when asked, most Americans' think that number, on average, is 23%. So you see that the LGBT community is actually much smaller then most American assume.

    This means, about 4 out of every hundred people you talk to identify themselves as LGBT. I would totally guess that 2 or 3 times that are "in the closet", to I would guess that 8 to 12 out of a hundred people are actually LGBT, but I may be full of crap on that (I have no data on that)

    Go to www.gallup.com/.../...ate-percent-gay-lesbian.aspx to see the Gallup Daily tracking poll data.

    • It's not surprising Americans believe this in view of the propaganda constantly coming from the gay community.

    • @AngryHorny - My answer was about actual vs. perceived numbers, not the cause of the overestimation. I don't think that this is caused by "propaganda", not that there isn’t some propaganda. I have never seen a LGBT group say that they were a large percentage of the population.
      Therefore, I think it is a natural byproduct of the vocalness of LGBT activists. Since they seem to be ever present, it is easy to assume there are more LGBT people. This happens with other groups. For example, another Gallup poll shows that Caucasians believe that African Americans make up 30% of the U. S., but in reality they are 13.2%. Since African Americans activists seem to always be on the news, it is only natural to assume there are more African Americans then there really are. However, I have never seen anyone claim that African Americans actually make up 30% of the population.
      So I guess I’m saying, for this particular part of the LGBT debate, I don’t think it is the direct results of any "propaganda".

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  • About 5% of the population, scientists believe.

  • yes, it does. you for one.