Is this guy into me?

This guy that I sorta like is giving me mixed signals. He sits in front of me in class and he always talks to me and teases me in a flirty way. One day me and my friends were talking about how he looked hot in a shirt and he got mad that we were talking about him (he didn't know what it was about) so finally, my friends told him that he looked hot in the shirt and he just kinda walked away. He does have a girlfriend and they like each other, but he always flirts with me? It doesn't make any sense. He's also very... sexual around me. (We're only in highschool) but it's kinda hot. It's not in the immature annoying way either. Does he like me? I'm really confused.

Also, he always takes my pencil and switches our erasers.


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  • He has a girl friend and I would not play into that. He could turn it all around and then you have drama coming from his girl friend. Just try keeping the conversation casual and not about anything that yields toward flirting.

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