Is this a good sign?

This guy I like was hosting the school ball and he was at the ticket table for most of the dance. (We have a bit of a history of crushing on each other before May when some stuff happens and we got a little separated for a bit) The entire time he watched me and when I was alone he'd walk really close and smile at me as he crossed the room to get a drink. When he was released towards the end of the night to join the dance he started walking towards me but was distracted and we both dance that song with someone else but he kept stealing glances. Then he dance wig two other girls while I danced with the same guy. Finally the last slow song came on and he was telling one of our friends how to dance with his wife when I came up and touched his arm. Before I could ask he said "absolutely" and led me to the dance floor. He's a good dancer, he's tooken several classes I can't dance so we just kinda swayed and talked. When the band started singing he looks at them then at me and said the song was perfect (is was 'what a wonderful world') then we talked about the dance and how it was going. The play he was in and this project I've been working on. Then about how he thought I was doing a lot better then last semester when I was under stress and I asked him how he knew and he said "because I pay attention" and then I pulled back to look at him and said something about it that made him laugh (I can't remember what) and he pulled me back. We were silent for o moment then he said I should take a dance class next semester and I said I plan to because I want to be able to dance at my wedding and he chucked again and said that might be a good idea with this big smile. We didn't even realize the song had changed to "a thousand years" but then they announced that there was 10 mins left and he had to go back to start cleaning up and as he walked away he held my hand until he could no longer extend his as he walked away and didn't completely turn until he had to. Is this a good sign? Do


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