Straight guys do you have a competition with lesbians (or with some bi girls), because you're both dating girls?

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  • You make me sad. This is a sad thing to ask. Honestly? Ugh.

    Lesbians are not interested in the same women that straight men are interested in. Not rocket science.

    • Firstly i'm sorry if i'm making you sad, but i didn't want to :)
      second what did you mean, are u gay to know about this?

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    • You are saying that all straight men are fantasying bisexual women for threesome? and they don't even care if she cheated on him with another woman?

    • and no i'm not an ignorant but i'm saying things being based on experience.

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  • I don't believe so.


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  • One of the stupidest questions I've seen today.

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