I'm in trouble in my life because I have to choose between two people. Who should I choose?

I've been thinking about dating this girl, but she just got out of a relationship. I was okay with waiting, because she means a lot to me, but resently, I've noticed that I'm starting to have a crush on my best friend. He's been there for me for years and i really like him, but i still want her.


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  • Flip a coin heads for her tails for him whichever it lands on go by your reaction. Are you relieved or happy with it then go for it. If you're disappointed then the other is for you

    • I'm happy either way, but i don't want to hurt the other.

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  • Well she's a girl and your a girl, see a problem there?

    • Well, she likes girls too. The gender isn't the issue here.

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    • I feel sorry for your family

    • Why? because they accept me for who i am?

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