Do you think he likes me or not?

I'm beginning to develop a crush on a guy that's in the same grade as I am-10th grade. We have one class together and it is an elective class. In the morning, most mornings, he and I would hang out in the front of the school and I'd get the vibe that he likes me. Most of my friends think we're already dating-how or why, I have no clue. He'll look at me when I'm not looking (so, my friend says), he'll try to make me laugh (joking around), he's touchy (using almost any excuse to touch me, even though he doesn't need to), he's started all of our conversations, and he's just around me, in general. He leaves when I leave and etc. He seems very aloof and distracted but, he'll still listen to what I say. He'll play with something when talking to me. He'll tease me about something that happened weeks ago. He also smiles and laughs more around me (so my friend says). He ignored one of his "fan girls" when he was talking to me. This morning, since his friends are also in the front of the school with us (even though, he doesn’t really talk to them, he’s had a lot of chances to just go talk with them and leave me but, he doesn’t), I overheard a conversation between them about a girl named (my name) and my crush but, I couldn’t really understand what they were saying, as I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t think they knew that I was the girl they were talking about. I’ve also noticed that when he’s talking to other girls, he’ll be playful and not awkward. He’ll at them when, he’s talking to them but, with me, he won’t look at me. Only when he thinks I’m not looking will he look. So, do you think he likes me or is he not interested? Oh, and sometimes, during class, he'd playfully joke around with me. But, that's really rare. by the way, he's something of a "Rebel" or "Badass-douche" at school. He doesn't act that way with me though. If anything, he's pretty quiet and awkward. With everyone else, he's loud and comfortable...


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  • He doesn't like you at all. In fact it seems obvious from your story.

    • Oh, why do you think that? Honestly, any help would be great.

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