Does he like me?

So I have known this guy for about 5 months and we have clicked ever since we met we are friends with benefits but we're friends for about a month before we started that. About a month ago he has been asking me to move in with him and ever since then he has been really confusing me. For example last week we went to Walmart to go get things for his apartment and we walked past the baby clothes and he mentioned how we could have babies and how he really wants them. But then after six he gets worried I will get pregnant even though we use double protection. Another example is how when I saw him last Sunday he mentioned how "we" should move to colorado. Then yesterday he told me about this girl he went out on a date with and how he is going on a 2nd one with her but he doesn't know if it will work out already because she's heavy and he doesn't want that. Then later on after we had set he asked if I ever see myself having a relationship with him It took me awhile to come up with an answer but I told him how I really haven't thought about it before and I asked why and he said just wondering. For the past two weeks we have been having really intense passionate see almost borderline lovemaking which previously he wouldn't even kiss me or cuddle with me.

Is he catching feelings for me? Previously to all this I never really thought of a future with him but the question caught me off guard and now I can't stop thinking of him that way


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  • He likes you...