Would it be worth messaging him an explanation?

So there's this guy who for awhile, apparently liked me. Anyway, fast forward to two weeks ago, when he seemingly randomly deleted me off facebook. I was heartbroken, and honestly? Super confused as to why he did it. Back to the present, my friend/coworker says to leave it alone, and that he claims that although he was once interested, that he's lost interest in me, and felt the conversations were going nowhere, and his instincts told him to leave me alone. I'lladmit, i didn't realize he was serious at first, and was kind of intimidated by him (past abuse issues, i dont trust men now), so i kind of "deflected" his attempts to flirt for the most part, and i will admit that i didn't really initiate nearly as many of our convos as he did. But he never asked me for coffee, but wanted to bring my coworker coffee, so what was i to think there? Anyway, i wrote up a huge ass explanation/apology to him (6paragraphs), and I'm wondering if it would be worth sending it, what do y'all think he would say/do if i did, and would i still have a chance possibly, at least as friends, if not more?


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  • You can. But don't expect him to come back. See it as a send off letter. A final explanation.

    • Not even as a friend? So I'd basically be wasting my time then...

    • There is absolutely no guarantee. That's what I mean.
      It might be a waste of time from your point of view, but not from his.
      Also, it would give you closure.
      Who knows, he might be willing to try again.

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