Will he have the courage to ask me out?

So there's this guy that I like on the cross country team (we both run and the girls and boys teams practice together) and I'm pretty sure he likes me too but we don't have any classes together this semester. The season ends in a week or two and then I'm going to see him a lot less each day until outdoor track starts. He's really shy but he seems to have gotten more comfortable with me throughout the season (he used to be so nervous and he still seems nervous just not quite as bad). We've been flirting back and forth throughout the season and I haven't seen him do that with any other girls. But since the season is ending I'm worried we're gonna lose all our progress. Are there any tips you have for maybe speeding things up a little bit? I don't want to rush him or pressure him or anything, but is there any way I could casually speed things up before the season ends? Do you think he'll get the courage to ask me out?


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  • If he didn't ask you out earlier he's not going to ask now. Why don't you ask?


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