Ladies under 24, have you ever found a white guy with a shaved bald head attractive?

I'm 19 years old and I've always had short hair and last summer shaved my head bald. For a white dude I pull it off well and got compliments even from some decent looking girls. However recently I was told by a couple girls they know of no young girl who ever thought that any guy with bakd head was attractive physically which kinda bummed me out (the reason I shaved was I may have the onset of alopecia so I might not be able to have hair soon and wanted to see what I'd look like without hair) because I never thought hair mattered that much to most girls, yeah I figured some would choose some immature Beiber style dude over a guy like me with no hair but still thought I'd have a decent number of attractive girls who wouldn't care as opposed to almost none like these girls said. So girls could you be attracted to a guy with no hair? Or are those girls telling the truth that hair is a must so young

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  • Okay so my boyfriend got the bright idea to go and shave his head one day. And to be honest... I almost cried lol

    His hair was super pretty. But I still found him attractive with his head shaved.

    • Alright, be honest here, if you would have first met him bald would that have made you not get with him do you think? Please answer honestly and not 'personality wins' answer this

    • Well... the thing of it is... I DID first meet him when he was bald. He was also 12. But he was bald. And I thought he was just the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      Seeing him bald now makes me associate him with his being young and that's what puts me off about it. But if I met a bald guy and he was just bald and I hadn't known him with hair then he'd just be a bald guy and would be on even starting grounds as any other guy.

      Bald is just as much of a hairstyle as any hairstyle. If a guy can pull it off then it adds to his attraction. If he can't then it detracts.

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  • hahaha it works for me :) plus it makes it way easier when you have an active lifestyle!

    • No offense dude but I'm only 20, and looking to date and be married in my 20's to a girl the same age, I don't want to have to wait to when bakd is normal so to speak

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    • If your face fits the look then you will be fine... bald guys are not some girls cup of tea, however, neither are guys with long hair for some women, or guys with short hair. Leave it up to the woman to decide. You will come across women who like the look very much, they are out there, and they are not a minority!

      Just make your look your look and have confidence with it and you will be fine!

    • I notice now that a lot of women like the look... even the 20 year olds give me the look and the body language, like someone has it going on!

      I am 5'10, 160 lbs and a 30 inch waste, 38 inch chest, so v-shaped frame. I really get a lot of stares when I am running or cycling. I think it has a lot to with my attitude and confidence too... not cawky, just comfortable with whom I am.

  • I think Jason Statham would be a good example.

    • He's also a lot see than my 20 years of age though

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