Ladies is it true you want a guy a in a relationship to show more rather than say more? I'm having some trouble with me girlfriend and need help?

My girlfriend says i need to spend more time with her but i text her everyday and try to answer her calls as i'am really busy. We have not gone out in a month and i asked this cause yesturday when i did hang out with her she said "so are you going to take me out?". I told her "well if i have time yeah" Then she got a bit mad cause i used this excuse already (in her words lol).

Should i try my best to make time for her or is it ok?


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  • I would definitely try to make time for her since she has been asking for it. Hopefully though you can talk to her and get her to understand that you are busy.

    I have/had (I'm not really sure, it's complicated) a boyfriend who is really busy. He has lots of hobbies and I appreciate that about him, But it definitely takes time away from our relationship. It hurts me sometimes because we rarely ever go on dates I have to literally beg to go on a date with him sometimes and then he maybe considers.

    I even offer to pay!

    My advice is to make time for your girlfriend. Sometimes a girl wants your time because she doesn't feel loved if she can't see you enough. I know that sounds rough because you have other obligations too and you sound like a nice guy. But I would sit her down and talk to her. Maybe she just isn't clear how much you really care about her.

    From my previous relationships which didn't end so well I have a fear of abandonment. So I need reassurance that everything is okay. This often happens when I haven't seen my boyfriend in a while. I start to feel anxious.

    Unfortunately my situation turned out to be worse than him not having time for me. But you sound like you really do care about your girlfriend. I would just talk to her. Try to set up dates and let her know you care.

    Also, it's not just up to you to "take her out". She should also be putting in effort too.

    • She is the same, she said she would pick me up, drive me, do anything for me to spend some quality time together. I promised her i would do things but have not been straight on them so i owe her that :/

      She misses me a lot but i keep telling her that i'am a phone call away and we live like a 10 minute car ride apart from each other lol (No big deal for me). But she does miss me. I think she's the type of girl that wants a lot of affection. It's my very first relationship and we've been dating for 6 months. Now that i'am busy and not really with her she gets sad.

      I do care!, i love her so much and i was lucky to get a girl like her. SHe's in nursing and is very busy but yet still wants to make time for me so i'am slacking on my end.

      I guess when i'am free on Sunday i can tlak to her maybe? set up dates to go on and times and days to hang out?

    • Yeah. You absolutely have to take her out!
      Moreover from what you said, I think she already putting some effort too in the midst her own busyness.
      If you really assume that you lucky to get her, you need start thinking to putting some effort as much as she did.

      You two seems like a good couple though. And either you and her seems like a nice person.
      It's a pity if you two argue, fight, or even break up just for something like this.

      Good luck on your relationship. :)

    • @Nonik thanks :) I will 100% put more effort in from now on. We will talk on Sunday and i will set up things with her. I don't want lose her cause she means the world to me. I thought she was ok with is not seeing each other (at least in my head i thought this)

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  • Spending time with her is important. So, yes, you should try to make more time for her or she'll certainly get more upset.