I guess this is what women were scared of?


I use grindr because I am bisexual

This study showed that the number one fear for women is that they will meet a serial killer. The number one fear for men dating online is that they will meet a fat woman. If you read the article above there is a grindr serial killer. I know now what women feel. However, i still don't want to date a fat woman. Do you know what women mean?

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  • I think its just common sense that if you are putting yourself out there to a perfect stranger that you just never truly know what's on the other end whether that be a liar or an honest to goodness serial killer.


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  • I also have that fear of getting set up. A woman is capable to kill too.
    I clearly empathize with them.

    • It's even worse for us, though. Because men are generally much brutely stronger than women, it's easier for men to defend themselves from a crazy woman.

    • @mistixs Not if she's carrying a gun, a knife, or any other weapon, or if she leads me to a set up where there are men waiting.

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  • No, I have as much fear of accidently going on a date with a serial killer as I fear getting struck by lightning or killed by a terrorist. In other words, I have no rear, because serial killers are extraordinarily rare.

  • Well, the likelihood getting with a serial killer is extremely low. Not quite so with the other one, but still a silly thing to worry about.
    That being said, I can't blame them because I'm paranoid about stranger danger too.