Should I just let it go or try and see what happens?

I have been texting this guy on and off for about 2 and half months. We went to middle school together and haven't seen each other in years. He would be really good for me (I've been in a abusive relationship ) I haven't been in a relationship in almost 3 years. I just don't trust men very much. I really want a relationship I'm not desperate for one I'm just tired of being alone. But I'm just not sure how in to him I am. I do like him but I'm just not sure how a relationship would go.. should I just try it and see where it goes. I'm nervous about meeting him but yet I know he would make me happy and I would be happy. What do y'all think I should do?


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  • Never look for a man to make you happy. Also going into another relationship after an abusive one, isn't a good idea either. You need to heal from that man, before running into the arm of another. That you think will make you happy. Lets say dating him does make you happy. How would you feel if he left you, or chetead? Not good. Sound like you are going into a relationship for all the wrong reasons. I get it it been 3 years since that last one. And you feel lonely. Im alone and 30, single and live alone. So Trust I know how you feel. Loneliness is dangerous in my opinion. But girl you got to get your head and heart together. It doesn't matter if its been 3 years or 3 months. Just continue to talk to him and go with the flow. Dont dive in head first this is how things fail... This is what I think you should do.

    • Sorry to be so late commenting but this is most helpful adevice I've ever received from this site! I'm not going to try it.. long story but I'm letting it come naturally However long that may be. Thank you! And good luck with your love life.. sometimes life is a bit less complicated without men in the picture lol. ;)

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