Guys, would you date a girl that's full of herself? Girls, are you the girl that's full of herself?

Not a bitch but thinks she crazy hot and perfect in practically every way. Looks in the mirror a lot. Talks about herself a lot. This is strictly people looking to have relationships not just shag.
I wouldn't date a guy like this because it would just annoy the heck out of me. I like modesty.
Nothing wrong with confidence and self-assured but obsessed with yourself in my opinion is a turn off.
I think many people are going to say they wouldn't but I see self centered people in relationships all the time. So really think about it.

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  • Hell no, I'm not dealing with that crap. Even if she's a perfect 10 out of 10 on looks, I would go for a 5/10 whose modest over her.


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  • I agre with everything you said and must add something. If a person truly thought that they were perfect it seems likely that they would be convinced that they aren't getting the treatment they deserve from you and would then be more likely to constantly be looking for someone that basically worships them and loves them as much as they love themselves.

  • I wouldn't date her because everything would be about her. The things I want in a relationship wouldn't be met because she will be too stuck on herself.

  • Sounds like she is dating herself, so nope.


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