Good dates to take girls on?

Been going on a lot of dates recently, but I feel like when I take a girl to dinner and ice cream, it never gets me the second date. What are some good date ideas when you are on a budget, but that will make you stand out from other guys? Girls, what are some good ideas for dates you would like a guy to take you, or you have been on? If you are a guy what sort of dates do you take girls on that you have noticed make an impact?


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  • Girls who decide on a second date solely based on how much the guy spent on her on the first date, are not worth going on a second date anyway. These girls are often gold diggers who would eventually strap you of your cash. So you have been dodging a lot of bullets lately! Great! :)

    Anyway, my opinion is that, getting a second date is almost always dependent on the type of interaction and conversation you have with her during the first date. If she is interested enough, then you're obviously going to get more dates. But if you did all of these, and yet she backs out due to you 'only taking her for dinner and ice cream', let her go. Good riddance!