Shy guy dealing with a shy girl?

The girl i like is shy and so am i but we're mostly only shy when we hangout in person. We began texting about a month and a half ago. We've hungout about 4-5 times the past 2 weeks but its been kind of weird and awkward at times and i believe its cause were both shy. But when we talk through text we're completely different but now i feel like the weirdness from when we see each other in person is affecting our texting also. What things can i do to make our experience in person less awkward and make it more comfortable?


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  • Try and ask more questions, and be more forward with her. Since she is a shy person I don't think she would mind someone that's not as shy as herself (haha confusing...) and also try to take care of her. I'm also a very quiet person especially when I'm in a room full of people I don't know :D

    • I don't know what to ask though or what to say, when im with her i try to think of something but its like my mind just goes blank lol its tough

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  • Kiss her for goodness sake!

    • I've actually considered that lol but i dont know what good it will do

    • Who knows? She might love it and be glad you helped defuse this awkward situation you guys are finding yourselves in.