Is it normal to feel mad at this guy even though it's been almost a half a year since he hurt my feelings?

I was seeing a therapist, not specifically because of this guy but previous issues and in April it will be actually almost a year since we met and since he hurt my feelings

I'm now starting to think about things and I realized now that I really liked this guy but he set me up to look bad towards the end of our contact

He verbally abused me and I blocked and deleted his number

We never dated but he gave his ex my number and she harassed me and I blocked her too but that happened about 2.5 months ago

I actually don't remember the exact date that he stopped talking to me but I still feel angry

I was trying to talk to guys after but it did not work out because I gave a guy my number but he never contacted me


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  • First, I'm sorry you have to go through this. That's a tough situation to be going through.

    What I've learned is that you need to forgive those who've wronged you. No matter how bad it was. You may not forget but it will help you move on and be happier. I promise you.

    Before you can date guys again, you need to work on yourself. Your demons. That's key too having a healthy relationship. Judging by what happened between you and this guy, you're going to have trust issues with men. So befriend guys you like and before you decide to into a relationship with them, build that friendship first and learn to fully trust that guy.

    • Well that Is what I was trying to do With the guy who I gave my number too. I was trying to befriend him not date him
      I'm not really trying to date anybody to be honest. I'm unemployed and I have a lot on my plate

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    • That's fine. Not everyone wants a relationship, especially after a terrible situation that went down. If you befriend a guy and he mistakes the friendship for something more or wants something more then tell him that you're not looking to get involved with anyone now.

    • I'm a pretty straight forward person
      I'm not friendly with every guy I meet

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