Is this guy busy, playing it cool, or just not into me?

I'm a 27 year old Puerto Rican woman who has a busy life. I met a 28 year old man (also PR) online.

We have been texting for the past month but I'm not sure if he is interested in me. He is busy and has three different jobs. He usually works 4am-4pm at one job, and then 5pm-10pm at the 2nd job, and then Friday's and Saturdays at the 3rd job. If I text him first he always replies within a couple of hours, usually with a response that says "Hey love, how are you?" We will usually text all day, but he takes hours to respond, which I'm okay with. I don't reply again until he replies. He always writes me in between jobs or on his breaks. But if I don't text him first, I won't hear from him for a whole day and then he will text me the next morning saying "good morning love". He also called me "mami" once, not sure if that helps. On the days that we text he always says goodnight.

But where I get confused is that we still haven't spoken on the phone, and I still haven't seen him in person. Once I told him that I think we are too busy for eachother, and he replied by saying "I always maintain love". He wanted to see me one day, but then we both agreed it wasn't worth it because by the time I would have gotten there it would have been almost time for him to go to his second job, since I live almost an hour away. Then once when my bday passed (I didn't mention it bc I didn't want to make a big deal of it), and I told him he sounded sad and said "you didn't even celebrate it with me." But I'm hoping to finally see him this weekend.

Another thing to mention is that he is a semi-famous professional dancer who has traveled the world. Once he asked if I saw his dance videos, and when I said no he sounded sad and insisted that I follow him on Instagram. I think he may be used to women chasing him. I try to show that I'm interested in him with subtle flirting, but I don't like to chase men.

So what do you guys think


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  • I think it's likely that he isn't sincere or worse. Really, it doesn't take a lot to talk on the phone, even the most busy people can do that. And to not set some sort of plan to meet by this time is a bad sign.

    • Thank you for your comment! I agree with you. I would think by now I would at least have gotten a phone call.

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  • ... you need to get him on that phone and meet him maybe on a Sunday A. S. A. P. If he doesn't do it, there are two reasons for it; MARRIED or fake but something tells me he may be married.

    • Well I don't think he is married. I have him on Instagram and he doesn't have any pictures with any women on there. I would think if he was married he wouldn't want to add me on any social media, and it was also his idea. I don't think he is fake either. But I do think that it's a bit odd.

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