Guys, do you prefer a bigger girl with confidence who is working on being healthy or a skinny girl who is hot but really insecure and shallow?

  • bigger girl with confidence 100%
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  • its all about the hot skinny chick
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  • probably the confident chick but I would have to spend time talking to her before I found her attractive
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  • i only consider the skinny sexy women regardless of personality
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  • When you say bigger, what is bigger? Chubby, or Fat? Cause there's a big difference (pun intended).
    I'm not attracted to fat women, but I can be attracted to chubby ones.
    I wouldn't date an insecure shallow women, no matter if she's hot, she'd be annoying.

    • 5 foot 11 235lbs. She carries it well.

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    • Well no she couldn't. She was an athlete who had a bad accident and couldn't walk for six months but is now getting back on her feet.

    • To each their own tho

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