Guys, "nerdy" white guys does a black girl have a chance with you?

By "nerdy" I mean less social, into computers, games, tech savy and kinda shy...

Would she have to share your interests? What if you guys shared no interests would you give her a chance. If she was nice explain


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  • LOL. This is completely opinion based off of The person you're looking to interest.
    Two guys with those same similarities would still have different interests in women.

    Just cause one shares no interests at the moment, doesn't mean you shouldn't give that person a chance. Give it a Go and see how it is. You'll be surprised by the outcome.

    Good luck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • She'd be a rarity.
    Some will be interested. Some won't. There are various reasons for it and not specifically race based.
    Being less social means less potential partners, so she should have a decent leg up if she pursues them.