Pet Peeve, Why do women ask you to come inside and have a drink or ask you to come to the bar with them... Read Below?

This is one of my pet peeve with women, at one moment they want to have sex with you then the next moment they don't want to give you the time of day.

Real life example: Girl asks you to come into the bar and have drinks with her, while she KNOWS you are working to make money? I say no and she still urges me to come in, I say no, bc I am working. Then the next time I see her she acts like I don't even exist. or I say I am availiabe to meet at this time and they blow you off.

Next example: Girl asks me to come inside her home for a drink, I say no, she persists, I say no again bc I am working, although this time I was very tempted to go in with her and literally came within inches oh saying yes but I declined. So I text her the next day and she gives me the cold shoulder.

What is wrong with these women, why are they wanting me to stop what I am doing on my job at the drop of a hat. This drives me nuts, I mean this really is a pet peeve of mine with women and drives me bonkers.

What is even better is when we are forced to be with one another and that awkwardness is created and it feels so great. (I hope you can see my sarcasm here).

So women why do some girls do this and what are they trying to prove?

On a side note both of these women are VERY ATTRACTIVE and most men would love to be with them. But I am working and trying to make money, I don't care how good lookin they are, I still have bills to pay.


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  • First off... What do you do for work? And these ladies clearly have the impression you are interested or available. You might be getting the cold shoulder because it takes a lot for some women to invite someone out for a drink or to their home. Rejection sucks and that's exactly what happened, whether you were working or not.

    • First off I don't feel like I rejected them, nor do I feel rejected, my pet peeve is it seems like an ego thing or something to that effect to see if they can get a guy to drop what they are doing to hang out with them. If they REALLY were interested then they would figure out a way to do something together hence, I'd much rather have them show no interest at all instead of making me look like the bad guy.
      Secondly I had a guy friend explain it to me this way: the girl just wanted to get laid and she was mad that I didn't take them up on it right then and there. That's pretty simple and probably more true. What I don't get is why can't women just come right out and say this? Or why can't we do something later that night instead of RIGHT now while I am working. by the way I meet lots of people through my work and this happens to be the side effects whether good bad or indifferent.

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    • Do what makes you happy in life. If you find more fulfillment in your work, then focus on that. I need a balance in my life, which means I put my partner on the same level as my commitment to work. Maybe you are attracting the wrong kind of women? Find someone who will appreciate your hard work efforts and make sure they feel equally as valued outside of your work hours.

    • by the way the kind of work that I do is an Uber/Lyft driver but I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in which I will graduate in May, but in my experience women have never really treated me that great, so why should I really put any effort into something when the reward is minimal? Work gives me tangible results in which I can see. My school work gives me tangible results in which I can see. Women it seems like its hit or miss, not really anything tangible or foreseeable. In fact most women don't even know what they like and yet were suppose to somehow figure it out for them. I'm like really?

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  • These women wanted a free drink, plain and simple.

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