So he kissed me. Now what?

If you know your ex doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to be casual, what would make you still try to kiss her?

My ex and I were hanging out watching TV on his couch and just goofing around. I don't know if what he was doing could be considered flirting. The only times we've ever kissed after breaking up was when I kissed him. And I told him I would never do that again because I can't kiss someone I'm not even dating.

But he leaned in and kissed me, and I pulled back. And then he got offended when I said I felt like he was taking advantage of me. We've been broken up for awhile. He dated someone else and I was talking to another guy, but both relationships ended.

It was the first time he's ever kissed me since we broke up. I'm really caught off guard right now. He knows how much he hurt me so why would he do that knowing where I stand with him?

We've never had sex (I'm a virgin) so I know it's not for sex.


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  • He probably wasn't on the same page anymore, and the "goofing around" could have easily been misconstrued as flirting. Isn't playfulness between a girl and a guy usually flirting anyway? He might have read it as a signal that you were warming up to him again, especially since both of you were available, and especially if you haven't spoken about the terms of your break-up for a while.

    • Wasn't on the same page anymore? Like I was going to take back what I said you mean?

    • The playfulness, the "goofing around", the availability. YES, like you were going to take back what you said. I'm not trying to offend you, I'm just saying he may have misread your signals.

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  • One answers.. Because HE IS A GUY! This sounds exactly like what happened between me and my ex and believe me get out while you can! I know its fun to hang out with an ex especially because you may miss them but he obviously just wants down your pants! harsh but true. there were many many many times I hung out with my ex and his girlfriend would be calling and I eventually told his girl that we had sex and he had the nerve to call me crying telling me he would rip out his heart and give it to me if I told her I was lying! well I didn't tell her that so we didn't talk for a while but it needed to end. Now we are friends.. somewhat its still weird but we're both single. we've been broken up for over three years (longer than we dated) so its a little easier just being his friend.. but he still is the same ol' guy he tries things every once in a while but I am strong enough now to say no so that is how we're able to be friends. so either stay away until you know he won't try anything, or you have the ability to not let it happen or get your hopes up or maybe try it again if you both want.. but if he doesn't want to and you do stay far away to save yourself from another broken out or vice versa if he wants you and you don't want him..hope I helped :)

    • Lol we've never had sex...I'm a virgin. But I get what you're saying. Thanks for your advice! =]

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