Dating tips and advice for a first date tomorrow?

Hi guys and girls,

I'm a 25 year single female with a dating problem. I can't seem to score more than one date, if I'm in luck 2. I am going on a date with a nice guy tomorrow and am paranoid he too will walk away.

The following are things I do on a date,
-Manners: Be polite, punctual, respectful, offer to pay, drive myself
-Presentation: Hygiene, style hair, makeup, casual but clean style
-Try and keep a balanced conversation between talking & listening
-Personality: Stay true to myself and have a sense of humour.

My question is, aside from those things, what are some tips that I may need to keep in mind to score another date? Both do's and don'ts are welcome.

I am a little overweight and sometimes I think that is the problem, but I have seen slightly overweight to even heavy people in happy relationships.

Dating tips and advice for a first date tomorrow?


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  • You are doing things right babe, any guy would be lucky to have you! Any woman can be physically beautiful, sadly the problem timing. Sometimes it takes the right person to come along and there is no specific time! Keep that in mind honey 😉 good luck on your date tomorrow, be you!


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  • seriously, just go and have fun. have a good time. talk and make jokes and laugh. get to know each other. don't have an agenda or a list of things to do before the night is over. meet up, enjoy each others company, and go with the flow. the more comfortable you two are the better the night will go.

  • Being overweight isn't the problem - there is an overweight girl at my workplace who is very pretty like you are, and she has a very active social life (with lots of dates)

    It's impossible to say for sure with your own description (you need an independent opinion in person) but the feeling I get is you need to present yourself as more fun and interesting. Your list of things you do on a date isn't very exciting or intriguing.

  • Hi,

    All I would suggest is try not to focus too much on the math of the date and just have fun!
    A women's personality can make her standout no matter how insecure she feels, have fun on your date, all the best :)


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