On which date (meaning first, second, third etc) should I try to hold her hand or kiss her? Any suggestions for places to go for 1st and second date?

Also, can girls or guys please give tips on how to initiate a hand hold or a kiss? Thank You!

As for where to go for dates, we're both 17 and I have a driver's license so, yeah. Thanks again!


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  • Hand holding is like, first or second, depending on what kind of dates they are. Usually what you need is something to initiate that it's okay to hold hands, like for example: Lets say you go on a roller coaster together, she's a bit scared. Just say you can hold hands on the duration of it, and bam, now you can hold hands whenever you want.

    Kissing seems more... different for each person. I'd say your best bet is the end of date 3, or whichever date after that ends in the night. It seems to be a fairly romantic stereotype to kiss her goodnight as you drop her off and all, after the first one just pay attention to when she'd like to do it again, etc.