He wants me to pick what to do on a our first date?

OK well what should I do I don't know how much he wants to spend I really want this to go well. What to do?


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  • ask him yall talk it out decide something that you both like. It is good to learn to talk it out early


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  • Its kinda good you have the choice.

    If you are really keen to get to know this guy as who he is. Ask him what he likes to do and do it with him (if the answers sex, feel free to slap him lol).

    You only really get to know someone when they are relaxed and feeling themselves. Its rarely happening on a date, but if the date is somewhere he's already comfortable you will get to see the most accurate version of himself.

    I also suggest something simple, like the Cinema or Bowling. Makes things easier.


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  • Don't pick the most expensive restaurant in town.

    You could do lots of things

    1. dinner and movie

    2. dinner and walking/driving around town

    3. dancing

    4.ice skating