Need relationship help, please?

Hi, I'm a student in uni and I've been getting with one of my flat mates, who I actually like, for like the past month, non-stop, but we weren't exclusive or anything. Well, yesterday went out clubbing, and some guy came over and was hitting on her and she started leaning on him and stuff and putting her hand on his neck. This already started to make my stomach tense up and I'm too shy to pull her away from him. Well, they disappeared and I saw them over on the sofas making out, so I started to feel sick and so I left. Today I told her why I left and she understood but she doesn't want anything serious. We've decided to carry on how we were and she made me promise to learn to control my jealousy. I agreed as, despite liking her, I really enjoy everything we do. I asked another flat mate for advice and she said to carry on and hope that eventually it leads to something else.

Is she right or should I push for more now?
Any advice at all would be much appreciated.


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  • Don't push for more, you got the red light. If you push now you're going to compromise your relationship. However, if you feel you ARE forming GENUINE feelings... my advice is to stop fooling around with her. She doesn't feel the same, you're a fling and she doesn't want you to get in the way of her seeing other guys, that is the flattest sign of disinterest I've ever seen. She has ZERO intentions of being more with you. That's the issue with FBW-typed relationships: they are non-committed, and the moment that changes, they are compromised.

    I'd say back off completely.

  • If she doesn't want to be in a relationship you shouldn't push her. However it sounds like she isn't exclusively into just one person so when the time comes when she wants a relationship she may not even choose you. If the two of you continue messing around you may want to at least figure out what she thinks about you.


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