To unblock the ex on Facebook or not? The struggle is real?

He's started talking to me again when he sees me in person, after 6 months of completely ignoring each other.

Needless to say, I'm confused, since when we broke up he said he never wanted to speak again (which is why I blocked him on Facebook). And now he's making a point of speaking to me when he sees me.

He's teasing me lightly again, making jokes around me, smiling at me and all the rest. Surely he wouldn't make this effort if he didn't want to strike up some kinda friendship again? What do you think?

Only way I can get in touch really is through Facebook.


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  • If you have no intentions of getting back together, he screwed you over, or you find that your life is a much happier place with his absence, then leave him blocked and do not entertain his attempts to make you laugh.

    • Ok...

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    • :/ Is that where you want to be?
      What about moving on considering he screwed you over?

    • Not particularity, no. But it always seems to happen. I'm seriously considering it, yeah. Although it's not exactly clear who screwed over who exactly.

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