To soon or not?

this girl broke up with her br 3 weeks ago. We've been friends for awhile. But now I want to ask her out. We hang out and I pay stuff and open doors. Is it to soon to make a move? And advice please! Her last break up I didn't move fast enough and this guy got her.


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  • You should give it a try. And no, I don't consider it too soon. Has she ever shown signs of attraction towards you?

    • What's the best way to tell? She always has said we are best friends. But she was also taken.

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  • Wait till something physical occurs before popping any questions regarding commitment.

    • What do you mean physical?

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    • But she thinks we are friends still. I just don't know how to show her I want more

    • with a physical display of affection. Touch her back when walking with her. I've learned from some movie: "hand too high on the back means let's be friends, too low means you just wanna get laid"..

      find a good median.

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  • proceed in another 5 days
    if she looks ready however go for it

    • How can you tell if she's ready?

    • she is ready if she flirts with you and if she seems to be happy around you and over the last guy

    • She laughs a lot with me but always have.

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