Should make a move on him?

so im finally going out with the guy i like. my friend invited him out. it was supposed to be for his birthday but really, my friend is doing this so i can get closer to him because im a p... chicken?

so for months this guy and i had this fighting thing going. according to the people at work, we act like we're in middle school. we fight and threaten to beat eachother up and such. we say some pretty dark and sarcastic things. he teases me about my soft voice. but at the end of the day, he's really sweet. he always helps me out and i help him too.

he had told me he thought this one girl was cute and i was so upset i started being more of an asshole to him but he would find it funny. its been over a month and he hasn't talked about her at all. instead, he has gotten closer to me. like he stands really close now and almost touches me but he doesn't because i think i look scared.

his coworkers make fun of him when im there. they say i make him nervous. and i feel weird because they will all be watching me work and they all talk and laugh. also, when my friend asks him when he works, he asks if she's asking because i want to know. the other day he was talking to his best friend and he said his day just got worse because i was there. its so adorable. i like this.

but I don't know if I should do something about him when we go out. we are also taking him cupcakes and balloons. he doesn't know though. i dont do this for anyone so its kind of a big deal for me as well. I don't know if i should make a move or just hang out as friends?


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  • Sounds like you guys have a thing going. If you want in... just ask.

    • i see. so should i give him my number that night or try to be alone with him or something? I've never done this before

    • number is a good start... start light

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  • If thats your thing. Personally I don't find it funny when guys put me down.

    • i dont get offended because we just mess around. maybe i never grew up but i really enjoy this.