If I'm ugly, why shouldn't I hate myself?


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  • Because looks are subjective, and you may not be the best looking person but you might outshine others with your personality

    • Except I really don't. While I still have control over myself I'll say this, even if I'm pleasant and playful and even somewhat friendly in public, on the inside, even I know I'm a vicious, insane, rage-filled bastard

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    • Yeah, I know, I'm sorry

    • It's not that I like being that way, I just am, the world wants nothing more than to take away any minuscule amounts of happiness I ever gain, ever. And, then, I'm weak for somehow caving in to a world that hates me and wants me dead, I'm wrong for hating the world, how? And, the one thing I used to take pride in, my appearance, I can no longer take pride in, because I despise how I look. I wish I were brave enough to just drag a steak knife through my face, at least that'd make it interesting.

  • Because you don't deserve to suffer.

    You're so angry because you're hurt, your questions show that a lot.. Maybe it makes you feel in control to cause yourself pain at this point, because your life is throwing way more than you can handle at you. But hurting yourself more isn't the answer, and I think you know that.

    You deserve help and to feel good about yourself and about your life in general. I hope that you get that.. Keep venting on here if that's what you need to do. I wish you all the luck <3


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