Slightly messed up after asking girl out. What should I do?

Alright, today at school I asked out a girl. She's a sophomore and I'm a junior in highschool. Im 16, she's 15. She seemed very happy and exited when I asked her out. She then replied, "right now im with someone, but it's not going very well.. but you can text me!" and it almost seemed like she was hinting to me that she was going to break up with her current boyfriend or something of the sort AND still wanted to talk to me.

Anyways, we exchanged numbers, then texted each other about 3-4 times each of us within the next 2 hours of the school day, then at one point, I texted her asking if she still wanted to go grab a snack sometime to get to talk a little more. And that was the last I heard of her in 5 hours I should have not asked her if she wanted to go out and do something because she's already having her problems with her current relationship.

How can I recover from this situation? Should I let her text me, should I apologize to her over text? And what happens when I see her tomorrow at school?


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  • Maybe she just can't get back to you right now.

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