Long distance relationship missing boyfriend less?

My boyfriend and I have been together for just about 3 years. He's out at university (4 hours away from me) and I'm at home in my last year of highschool. We've done long distance over the summer before and I missed him the entire time (we went 2 months without seeing each other). It's been almost 2 months again since we started going long distance again. I've seen him a couple times during these 2 months though. We've noticed lately though that he never has time to talk, our conversations through text are either small talk or us being annoyed at each other. We have also noticed that after each visit it takes longer for us to miss each other. I saw him Saturday and I don't miss him yet. Are these bad signs or just a phase in our relationship do you think?


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  • It's actually a phase. In away it can mean your relationship has matured a little bit. Since your not going crazy and being sad over how much you miss them.

    The less talking part i'm going through that right now with my boyfriend. Though that is because he's having more studying to do so his mind is almost 100% on his work. So I understand that and even if I miss him. It's not that bad since I know if he could he would spend more time with me. So all I truly care about is him passing all his tests, quizzes, and projects.

    When y'all are apart do you ever try to do video chats.

    • The main thing you need to ask yourself is how happy you feel once you can see him again. If you don't feel happy at all or just meh and not care then there is something wrong.

      The being annoyed part is a little worry some. Best to try and figure out why y'all feel that in the first place.

    • We've talked about doing Skype dates on Saturday but then he was too busy this Saturday with a project. I totally understand and I'm not mad its just slightly disappointing. You're working on the annoying thing. Thanks for the advice

    • yay thank you for mhg ^^

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  • It could just be a phase or it could mean that you two have pulled apart due to the distance of the relationship. It's natural when separated to grow apart with your separate lives. It's hard to keep up love and affection when you can't express it for the person you love emotionally or physically.


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  • It has been happening to me, also. I don't know what it is. I'll just wait for someone to answer this cause I want to know..