Would it be weird to say that you love a part of your girls body before you say I love you?

Like if you two are getting intimate and you say something like "I love your legs/neck etc"? I don'tthink it is but I'd like to get some opinions

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  • It's not weird to tell her something like that and she would appreciate the compliment. However, you also have to keep in mind what kind of relationship she wants and if "I love you" is something she has been waiting for or expecting to hear. Though sex isn't the best time to tell someone this for the first time, hearing you say "I love your ____" might get her hopes up a little, because at first it sounds quite similar to "I love you" and her hopes could make her think that's what you were about to say. Chances are this will not happen though so go ahead and compliment her !


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  • It depends on the girl. If she thinks it's weird, then it may cause issues for you later. So it's better to play it safe, and not say that right now. Maybe, once you have confessed your love and she has reciprocated, you can casually mention that you love a specific part of her body.


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  • I stupidly voted yes...

    It's not! It's very sweet actually, after saying this things will get cuter. You'll make this person feel special and I'm sure that will appreciate it too, even if you don't say "I love you"... Besides, that phrase kinda freaks out


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