What do I do the girl I like is Bisexual?

There's this girl I like and I've known her for years and this year she told me she was interested in guys and girls. Should I still pursue her or would her bisexuality be awkward?

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  • Well if bisexual means you like both.. Why would it change anything?


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  • dude, confess your feelings. i was in the exact same scenario and it ended alright for me. i know that if she wants to date that i will be her first thought. so just confess. you'll feel better about it afterwards

  • What's the problem? Because she is bi means she will date anyone. I mean you are only 15 so I find it hard to believe she is truly bi but whatever. Worst case she says no... next best she says yes and you date. The best is if she says yes and she'd like to bring her hot girlfriend to bed with you. =D