What do western men think about Thai girls?

I've met many western men while traveling both abroad and in my own country. one of the most common questions I got asked was ' are all Thai girls prostitutes?' I really don't understand where they got that kinda idea. Some of the western men I met even looked down on me. I don't know if they consider us as ugly, poor and uneducated or not, but I don't like when they talk to each other in front of me that 'Thai girls are all prostitutes and are all easy to get' I just went to the states as a J1 student, and I got asked by a lot of J1 students from Turkey that ' are all Thai girls prostitutes?' I explained to them as much as I can, but I'm still not sure if they got what I said. This is one of the reasons why I want to know how western guys think of us Thai girls.
P. S. I got asked these kinda questions by Australians too, and they were the ones who looked down on me. ( some of American and British guys also think of us like this )

# if you have any clues, please let me know. I'm so mad that I don't speak good English, therefore I can't explain how things go in thailand.


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  • Well because your country is really well known for prostitution. I know people (not personally but I have heard of them) who go to Thailand for "sex tourism", which basically means they want to have sex with a bunch of Thai girls. Since the prostitution industry is so developed there and relatively unregulated compared to the West, a lot of people like to go there to have sex. Because of this stereotype when someone says "Thai girl" a lot of times we think of the girls that are selling themselves to these sex tourists. Since Thailand is a small country that hasn't really done much else, the only things we hear about it are related to prostitution and vacation, because it doesn't really do much else, which is why the first thing that comes to mind when you say "Thailand" is prostitution, because thats the only thing about the country a lot of people know. Thailand isn't like America or the UK, it doesn't dominate global trade and politics, it isn't a big exporter of anything, so we in the West dont really study it, because there isn't much to study. If we study every country that doesn't really do anything then we would be wasting our time, there are 200 countries out there and only about 20 of them are actually influential on the global stage. Thats why we dont study Thailand, and thats why a lot of people are clueless about Thai girls, because all we hear about them is prostitution. Until I was 20 I had never even met a Thai person in my life, like ever, so I had no idea what to think of them, I didn't have exposure to them, and the country is so far away that I didn't really think much of it, except for what I had heard which was the prostitutes.

    Its probably not just because of the prostitutes that people look down on you, it could be for a lot of reasons. For one they probably think you are a tourist, and I know I hate tourists, especially ones who dont speak English, or have zero understanding of American culture (which is about 90% of Chinese tourists), so they might think you are one of those people, or they could look down on you because you dress badly which makes them think you are one of the Thai prostitutes. They could also not want to deal with you as a foreigner. In Thailand you probably dont experience this as much, but in the West we see foreigners almost everyday, and some people get mad dealing with them, or trying to communicate with them. It really depends, but its whatever, dont get too upset about it, its just stereotypes.

    • And to answer your question I think Thai girls are pretty good looking, well the light skinned ones I think look gorgeous with that skin tone, but thats just me, other guys might have different opinions.

    • I really agree with the 'unable to speak English' part' but I don't think it was the reason they looked down on me. I went to a southern city on my vacation, and I hung out with some British lads. We were going to have dinner and then we met a few people from other group. One of a guy from the other group said something about 'Pattaya' like he has been there and got to get laid with a lotta girls, and he also said that' Thai girls are all easy to get' One of my British friends from my group told him that 'well, she's from Thailand, and she's not a prostitute' after that he probably realized how bad his words were, so he told me he would like to apologize for being rude, but there was an Australian guy who didn't seem to accept anything. he looked down on me using his eyes without saying a word! That hurt a lot! However, you are right that I might dress inappropriately, but I was on an island for a full moon party along the beach so I think short shorts and short dresses are fine.

    • Thank you for your comment :)

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  • There are two stereotypical views of Thai women by westerners.

    That a lot of them are bar girls or prostitutes. Or the second is that they are very poor and will hook onto any westerner they can find for a shot at financial stability. Most people people know enough to know this is not true of the majority of the women there, but having been to Thailand a number of times I can see where the stereotypes come.

    If you are a white guy in Thailand the bar girls and prostitute s are impossible to avoid, it's really quite irritating if that's not why you are there. Two, every where you go you see some pasty old white guy hanging with a young attractive Thai girl and it's really kind of weird.

    So yeah, I can see those stereotypes.

    • I agree with your point of view, but may I ask you another thing? If western men were not looking for prostitutes, why would they come to places that prostitutes are working at or why would they directly choose their purpose to come to Thailand with a sex trip agent? I'm also wondering that are we all that ugly? I've read some articles that were written by white girls, they said that their men left them for Thai girls because we were all ugly, but easy to get. I'm not saying that all white guys and girls have negative thoughts, I'm talking about the things that I have faced while meeting white people.

    • Well, yeah a lot of guys go there specifically for that, which is why I said it's annoying if that's what you are not there for. A lot of people go there for business, like me. I don't go into bars with bar girls, but the prostitutes still hound you when you are out and around. They even try to get you at your hotel. Sometimes they are very obnoxious.

      The beaches are quite nice and a lot of people vacation there and party there. Thailand is a great place to vacation even if you are not there for the girls.

      I personally find Thai women to be very pretty and I think a lot of people do, but unfortunately a lot of people don't know much about Thailand other than the stereotypes that you see. So you get a lot of dumb questions and comments because people just don't know better. You seem like a decent person, try to have a little patience and show them what you are really about even if they don't deserve your patience and knowledge.

    • Thank you for your helpful comments. I appreciate that. I'll try my best to convince them that we are not all like that.

  • Thailand has girls? Waaaat...
    just kidding, frankly I don't think that way of any person based on the stereotype of their classification, background, ethnicity etc.
    Being a minority as well, i already know how irritating that can be. Ignorant people are the ones that generalize cuz its easier then doing the frickin research.

    • Haha thank you for the comment :)

    • You are very welcome darling. Frankly I think if I have anything against Thai girls, its probably the same as I have with many Asians... you know, "get a little booty" or start dating black lol... other than that, they are intelligent as the rest of them.

  • As long as the girl is a nice person and has a good heart then I like them wherever they are from. I work with a thai lady and she is amazing, she is currently visiting her grandmother in USA (we live in UK) she has gone for a month to help look after her and works so hard to save for these kinds of trips. If all Thai girls are like her then I think they are amazing.

  • well if you know Muay Thai then that's a fucking plus


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