Why I like guys who dont like me?

I like one type guys, for example, but... i always been approached by tons of unnatractive for me (just not really my type) guys. And guys i like seems not trying to approach me that often and its kinda frustrating for me...
Why this happen?

P. s. blonde guys do u find attractive blond girls more or brunette? And what eyes color u like better?

Guys with black hair same question...


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  • I have dark brown/black here and I like blondes more...
    Anyway it's no secret and psychology has proved it, that we always want something that we can't have... so we wouldn't like something that we can easily have, we want to earn things by making a effort...
    Though I do think that you should give a shot to the guys that approach you, they might surprise you

    • What u mean can't have? WTF
      U didn't actually read what i wrote
      I can have what i want and the guy i like. The problem is the guys not my type approach me way more than guys my type!
      I will never date the guy who is not my type, i have to like the person i date 1st of all

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  • Because guys who try too much come across as overbearing and desperate.


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  • You have "I want what I can't have" oneitis syndrome.

    • Who said i can't have? My boyfriend is TOTALLY MY TYPE!
      The question is i get approached by tons of people i dont like... and by those who i lke i approached less

  • If the guys you like are not approaching you, perhaps the best possible way out is to approach them yourself. This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's true!

    • Lol, i am not that desparate... Never did and will never do.
      I didn't say they didn't approach, i said they seem to approach twice less than persons i dont really like

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    • I repeat again -i dont approach guys! U n d e r s t a n d?
      Yes its 21 century, but some things stays the same, like for example gemnder roles...
      I like initiative man besides me, a leader, not soft kid who can't even approach a girl

    • Fine, suit yourself then. It's not about a guy being 'unable' to approach you. any times he just may not KNOW that you're interested in him.

      Whatever floats your boat.

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