Can being single for too long make someone selfish?

I am 25 and have never really had a serious intimate relationship with a woman. I am very independent man and very stuck in my ways. I am used to living alone, hate being told what to do, spending my money my way, and traveling whenever I see fit. I have rejected women in the past and the excuse is always "I'm not looking to date right now". However, my mother did say that indulging in my independence for too long can make me selfish. Am I being selfish?


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  • No i don't think so. I think you haven't met someone you liked enough. I think it's better to have standards and be picky. This way you save a lot of time and don't have to go through relationship drama.


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  • i am like this and not sorry about it.
    i need a man who has an independent life so that we can happily be alone, together

  • that doesn't mean you're selfish.


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