HELP, I need advice, especially from woman, why am I boyfriend material but not hook up material?

I have only been in serious relationships throughout my life. 2 years ago a 3 year relationship ended and ever since then I have mostly lost interest in serious relationships and I just wanted to have fun and hook up/casually date. I don't want anything serious for a while. I have tried hooking up 2 times and these girls they end up wanting a relationship with me. Of course I break up with them before something happens, I never have sex with them or do anything because I don’t want to feel like I'm taking advantage of a woman when she wants something different than I want.

However a few months back I was seriously dating this new girl (lets call her “Taylor”) for 2 months and we broke up, She said she just wanted to casually date after her 2 year break up with her ex until she met me and now that we broke up she’s going back to having fun, so when I suggested us to just stay friends and hook up, she said no, she would not like that. It’s weird because she said she would hook up with her ex of 2 years or other ex’s she has because she's "cool" with them and she would hook up with others guys she will meet in the future but for some reason I’m the only guy she has dated that she would never hook up with. She just told me "you're boyfriend material, not hook up material" and when I asked her to explain she just said "Idk, I can't explain it, its just how I feel"

So can any one, especially woman help me understand what that means. Why am I only good enough to be a boyfriend but not good enough to hook up with or have fun with or casually date.

Also I'm a 22 year old virgin male, so I don't know if that affect it, but “Taylor” didn't bring up my virginity, she just said "it would be weird because you are not hookup material"

The reason I am a virgin is because when I used to be religious and dated this girl when I was 17-20 and we were trying to wait until marriage because she was religious also. I'm not religious anymore, after the break up my opinion on my beliefs has changed. so I don't believe in that anymore.
Basically these past 2 years I tried hooking up with 2 woman but they wanted something serious, and dated the one girl "Taylor" seriously and tried hooking up after the break up but nothing happened.

Now Trust me when I dated taylor I wanted it to be a serious relationship but when we broke up I just figured we might as well.

Also I don't understand hook up culture too well. In a sense I prefer serious relationships but I don't want to deal with it, I just want fun


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  • What they're really saying when they say you're relationship material is "I don't find you sexually arousing or exciting but you look like you could give me a comfortable life so you just stay right where you are while I go have my fun and screw a bunch of guys I meet at the club. I'll be back for you in my 30s when I'm ready for a family life so don't go anywhere..."

    • I understand what you are saying but originally Taylor wanted a serious relationship Now, the reason we broke up was because our different personalities and we argued a lot, she found things about me annoying and I found things about her annoying. The break up was mutual