How should I handle this?

So, im in college and I met this girl I like. We're very alike and we've been great friends for about 2 months now, we talk almost daily and she seems to enjoy my company not to mention we've really bonded as friends and really trust eachother. she's had a boyfriend before in the past but it didn't end well for her. I want to tell her i like her but the current situation is complicated, she is currently invovled in sports for the school (shes having some issues with the coach currently) and I know she doesn't want to date anyone now, but i wouldn't mind waiting for her in the furture. My question is, is it better to tell her now/soon or wait until she's "free" and what's the best method to do it. Im not very confident at all, she knows that and is okay with that. Im assuming this is something i just have to tell her, but are there any other ways of telling her? Will i seem weird telling her this? I will apprciate any advice, thanks


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  • Tell her sooner rather than later. It seems women tend to get pissed off if what they perceived as a platonic boyfriend had actually always seen them in terms of romance and sex, like the women thinks they were phony.